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Click here for the Project Permission Form

As you work with your supervisor, you may need permission as a part of your planning.  Your supervisor will give you the needed form upon request.  

Your Supervisor can grant permission for the following:  

  • Send an email or connect with someone by phone

The actions located below must be submitted to the IB Coordinator and granted permission for the following:  

  • Hang up posters or flyers (see Notice for requirements)
  • Collection drive
  • Hold an event before or after school at Winkler
  • Raise and collect money
  • Visit classrooms to advertise/advocate
  • Visit another school

There may also be other situations in which your supervisor will require pre-approval before you may continue planning.


NOTICE: Collection boxes and flyers must meet these requirements:

· Easy to read

·  Use correct conventions (spelling, grammar, punctuation)

·  Neat in quality

·  Posted for no more than 3 weeks—and then REMOVED BY YOU.