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Objective A: Investigating

Investigating Phase

  • Identify a topic that interests you
  • Identify prior learning
  • Research to understand more about your topic 
  • Decide on the need within the local or global community
  • Define a goal to address the need within the local or global community
  • Continue to research, select relevant resources and gather information
  • Record information and developments in a process journal


Objective B: Plan

Planning Phase 

  • Develop a proposal for action
  • Drafting emails and voicemail messages to use when contacting people in the community
  • Write a detailed action plan that you intend to follow as you carry out the action portion of your project
  • Design a timeline
  • Generate a list of Things to Do for your group
  • Prepare to Take Action


Objective C: Action

Action Phase 

  • Demonstrate service as action as a result of the project
  • Demonstrate thinking skills
  • Demonstrate communication and social skills


Objective D: Reflection

Reflecting Phase 

  • Compare the quality of your action to your proposal
  • Reflect on how completing the community project has improved your understanding of service learning
  • Reflect on the development of your ATL skills


Project Showcase